welcome We wanted to host a home for writers and provide a laid-back environment. Our intent is to help garner interest among each other, where writers login because they want to, where people are engaging each other because they want to. Ultimately that is our goal.
applicants. Before applying:
⇢ Check the taken list and ensure your role is available. Your person of interest is required to be famous. You are welcome to inquire if you are unclear if your person qualifies. You are also welcome to inquire if a role is up for an override.

⇢ Post a friends only reflecting the day you applied as well as a screened post. Add ~noter, request membership to the sub communities, and apply with your examples. We ask that you share what you are comfortable with. For some, scening is private, and we understand that.

We will complete adds on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with removals on Monday evenings. Upon acceptance, post your introduction within three days of being added and reply to the majority of your comments received within a week to secure your role.
activity. We believe activity looks different for everybody. We're writers who are either working or going to school or both and that's the least of it. However, we know in order for a community to thrive there has to be an effort made. We ask that upon joining you have the desire to at least try.

update requirements. We require members to update their journal once every two weeks. There is no length requirement, however your entries are required to be made VISIBLE to the friends page. We do not allow the backdating. We are happy with placeholders, and we don't want this to be an environment that requires you to write a specific amount as we would rather your focus be on interacting and writing when you feel motivated and/or inspired.

overrides. You can override a role if:
⇢ They did not post an introduction.

⇢ They did not reply to the majority of the comments they received on their introduction within a week of posting.

⇢ Their journal is marked at a full two weeks from their last entry made VISIBLE to the friends page. If an entry is made private or backdated it does NOT count as an update.

⇢ They did not reply to the majority of comments on two entries in a row.
frequently asked questions.
Am I required to post an introduction if I was a member who was removed and reapplied?

Yes, every member upon (re)joining, former or new, is required to post an introduction.

I noticed a member is using a web counter in their userinfo. Is this allowed?

No it isn't, and we ask you let us know so that we can ensure it is removed.
la la. You can address any other questions or concerns by commenting our dropbox.